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Unistream Bank |Russian version|city Москва

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Full official name of the Bank
Logo (emblem) of the Bank

Registration number (license of the Bank of Russia) 3467
Shareholders (founders) of the Bank
Gagik Zakaryan The T.
Georgy Piskov Igorevich

Authorized capital
Two hundred eight million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand

Address of the Bank (factual and legal)
127083, Moscow, street Upper Maslovka, house 20, building 2

City Moscow
Internet representation (the official website of the Bank) http://bank.unistream.ru
What is valued and what aspirations in the Bank
The values and aspirations of the Bank aimed at business development activities. Established in 2001, the Bank was an exceptionally remittances. Now everything is changing. Now the values and aspirations aimed at ensuring the availability and mass transfer, resorting to dumping policy.

Branches and representative offices
The Bank has representative offices in Cyprus, the UK and Greece.
The Bank has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Saratov, Chelyabinsk. According to the Central Bank of Russia, Unistream Bank 173 operating cash desks, 28 credit and cash offices, 38 operating offices.

8 (495) 744-55-55 - Moscow.
8 (800) 333-22-44 - Russia, calls are free.
0 (800) 50-11-80 - Ukraine.
; 8 (800) 080-25-25 - Kazakhstan.

The head of the Executive body (as 14-01-2015, 17:29,)
The Chairman of the Board of the Bank is palcon Kirill Viktorovich. It is the sole Executive body of the Bank

The Board and management of the Bank
(information on 14-01-2015, 17:29,)
The management Board of the Bank consists of:
Palcon Kirill Viktorovich - Chairman Of The Board. Perhaps one of the youngest leaders of this level was born in 1979.
Smolkin Svetlana.
Kuznetsov Andrey Aleksandrovich

The Board of Directors of the Bank ( to 14-01-2015, 17:29)
The Board of Directors of the Bank consists of:
Gagik Zakaryan the T., Chairman of the Board of Directors
Georgy Piskov Igorevich.
Sergey Grigoryan.
Zamanyan Eduard Bacanovic.
Henderson-Stewart Nicholas.

Deposit insurance The Bank is not included in the state Deposit insurance system. The Bank does not accept cash deposits, and the main direction - payment system and other services.
Business of bank
The traditional business of the Bank, which previously was limited to remittances organically supplemented with new banking products. Today "UNISTREAM" is a Bank, for which the main priority is the Customer and his needs. As the business of the Bank is aimed at participation in international projects aimed at the development of the financial market.

About the bank
Unistream Bank was founded in 2006, although it all started back in 2001, when on the basis of Uniastrum Bank has introduced a payment system, and she was engaged in a separate Department.
In November 2006 26% shares of the Bank acquired the British company AuroraRussiaLtd that has attracted $ 20 million and the investor is a foreign company.
In 2009, UNISTREAM first launches money transfer network QIWI terminals and mobile phones, making the service more accessible for customers and attractive to partners.
And in 2011, there was an identification Card UNISTREAM, which received more than 1 million customers. Its own terminal network UNISTREAM.
In 2012-2013, UNISTREAM is actively working to expand its product line - new payment products. Appear online services, such as electronic purse.

UNISTREAM continues to develop and introduce new products and to expand the geography of remittances. In the first half of 2014 have been launched addressless transfers in China, service, recharge cards and deposits of the Bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" (JSC), Depository services for physical persons.
Today UNISTREAM takes up to 60% of the market in individual countries of the CIS, having an extensive network of destinations worldwide. The number of service took about three hundred thirty thousand, and international partners about 500.
The Bank is actively engaged in charity. The main objective of the programme "UNISTREAM. Good things" - promoting the development of charitable programs, support projects of high social and cultural value.
Bank UNISTREAM" offers a powerful payment infrastructure and convenient payment service to receive private donations.
Together with Russian Standard Bank UNISTREAM launches new service Cash2Card - transfers on the card number, with which anyone can make cash on your own or someone else's Bank card point-of-service UNISTREAM, specifying only the card number.

Bank for busy lives
Individuals can actively use the services of the Bank. First, it is committing popular international money transfer system Unistream. Instantly send and receive money transfers in a large number of service points. Read more about the system Unistream can be found on our website.
Very modern solution is the so - called e-wallet, which is called "Unistream money". It is quite convenient and reliable electronic tool that allows you to perform various operations. Through this system it is possible to interact with more than 876 service providers. Safety is guaranteed by the Bank, and the convenience 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 or 366 days in a year. Using the purse it is possible to make online money transfers, as well as to pay for utilities, mobile phone and more. The wallet can be personalized and non-personalized. The difference in the limits and range of services.
The Bank offers payments through Unistream, both universal and repayment of loans, recharge cards, including TCS Bank, where else can you replenish the Deposit. You can also recharge other electronic purses known systems.
Loyal customers of the Bank can rely on loans with minimum documents, and the maximum speed of decision making.
The Bank offers rental services Bank of cells.

Bank for corporate clients
Legal entities the Bank provides cash management services, Bank payment agent, as well as renting cell, collection services, merchant acquiring. Financial institutions also offers the most modern and popular services, such as the opening of correspondent accounts, conducting Treasury operations, operations with accreditive, as well as other

 More information

OJSC CB "UNISTREAM" is the General sponsor and one of the founders of IAMTN (International Association of Money transfer Networks). Today the Association is the authoritative international forum that brought together major players in the market and leading the fight against money laundering.
Also UNISTREAM is the organizer of International Conference "Bank of the Future", dedicated to the payment services, money transfers and innovations which participants annually study experience in the development of new payment services , exchange ideas and looking for new areas of business growth.
UNIStream is among the five largest global money transfer systems, and on the Russian market competes with players such as Contact, Western Union, Anelik, Migom, MoneyGram.
The Federal revenue service (IRS) confirmed the registration of the JSC CB "UNISTREAM" and assigned to the Bank of international identification number (GIIN) foreign financial institution (organization): FV63N0.99999.SL.643.

 Individual information about the Bank

This information will be supplemented and will be taken from official and independent sources of financial analysts.

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