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Bank GPB-mortgage |Russian version|city Москва

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Full official name of the Bank
The JSB "GPB-mortgage" (open joint stock company)
Logo (emblem) of the Bank

Registration number (license of the Bank of Russia) 2403
Shareholders (founders) of the Bank
"Gazprombank" (open joint stock company)
The limited liability company "Gazprom export"
Society with limited liability "Nautitech"
The limited liability company "Gazprom trade service"

Authorized capital
Three billion two hundred forty-nine million nine hundred fifty-nine thousand four hundred forty rubles

Address of the Bank (factual and legal) Legal and actual address: 115446, Moscow, Kolomensky proezd, house 14
City Moscow
Internet representation (the official website of the Bank) http://www.gpb-ipoteka.ru
What is valued and what aspirations in the Bank
The Bank's mission is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of citizens through the development and improvement of the Russian mortgage market.
And the main goals and aspirations is to gain a leading position on the market of specialized expertise and service portfolios of mortgage loans; maintaining a high quality of previously formed portfolio of mortgage assets; expansion of regional presence of the Bank through the development of its own Corporate regional network; providing stable financing activities own Corporate regional network; increasing the profitability of securitization transactions.
Branches and representative offices
The Bank has no branches and representative offices, operates in a single office.

Phones 8 (495) 223-40-40
8 (495) 223-40-41

The head of the Executive body (as 9-02-2015, 22:12,)
The sole Executive body of the Bank is the Chairman of the Board, which carries out the operational management. The position of Chairman of the Board is Arakelov Edward Ashotovich.

The Board and management of the Bank
(information on 9-02-2015, 22:12,)
The management Board of the Bank consists of:
Arakelov Edward Ashotovich - Chairman of the Board.
Kudryavtsev Andrey Nikolaevich.
Levchenkov Valery Ivanovich.
The Board of Directors of the Bank ( to 9-02-2015, 22:12)
Seregin Valery Alexandrovich - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Sadigov Famil Kamilewicz
Muranov Alexander
Sable Alexander Ivanovich
Waxman Oleg Mikhailovich
Igor Rusanov V.
Center Jan V.
Deposit insurance The Bank is not a party to the Deposit insurance system and does not accept funds.
Business of bank
Speaking specialized mortgage Bank, in January 2005 the then "sovfintreid has embarked on a program of mortgage loan refinancing and by the end of the year became one of the leaders in the mortgage market. The Bank has no branches or other separate units, but it works with providers of mortgages more than 70 regions of Russia. Regional banks-operators (about 40) own originated loans to the population, carry out maintenance and inspection obligations under the mortgage loans. Criteria for evaluating borrowers and credit conditions are standardized and agreed in advance with GPB-mortgage.
Another activity of the Bank is the securitization of mortgage pools of mortgage loans with the issue of the relevant covered bonds and Eurobonds.

About the bank Bank "GPB-mortgage" began its history in 1988, when a special resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR with the participation of the state Bank and Vnesheconombank of the USSR was established Joint-stock company "Soviet financial and trading company "sovfintreid", received a General license of the Central Bank. In August 1994, trading activity was displayed in a separate direction, and the company sovfintreid" re-registered as joint stock Commercial Bank "sovfintreid".
The group Gazprombank "sovfintreid" entered the 2004 to mid 2007 wore his name, after what became known as the "GPB-mortgage". In the framework of the group's business, the Bank was restructured under the management of mortgage portfolios (as issued by the group's banks and purchased from the market). In 2009, changed legal form with JSC JSC. As a result of additional issue to 1,125 billion rubles in January 2007, the Bank's main shareholder - JSC "Gazprombank - increased its share from 60% to over 80%. Also in the list of shareholders are included in the group companies: Gazprom export LLC Nautitech" and LLC "Gazprom trade service". The Bank is not a member of the Deposit insurance System and almost does not work with individuals.

Important The Bank sold through an extensive Network of corporate regional operators, service providers previously issued mortgage loans. If borrowers have problems with the execution of obligations under the mortgage loans, the Bank is ready to offer various schemes restructuring of these loans.
"GPB-mortgage" in the 2006-2007 self-issued 2 Eurobond Euro and rouble bonds 3 bonds with maturity in 2046-2047, In addition, through SPV-company JSC "ISO "GPB-mortgage" at the same time were involved in another 3 billion maturing in 2036.
Bank for busy lives The JSB "GPB-mortgage" (open joint stock company) invites partners to cooperate on a long term basis of professional participants of the real estate market for the implementation of Bank owned real estate.
The Bank is interested in getting professional real estate services for the organization and support the sale of immovable property located in different regions of the Russian Federation.
Bank for corporate clients
Mortgage lending does not involve corporate clients. The Bank does not implement traditional banking services such as cash management services, etc.

 More information

JSB "GPB-mortgage" (OJSC) is part of a Group of Gazprombank.
The Bank is a member of the Association of Russian banks, the National Stock Association, Moscow Banking Union and the Russian Association of members of SWIFT.
Mortgage loan today is a real possibility for most people to improve their living conditions. A mortgage loan is funds provided to an individual by a credit institution on the basis of the credit agreement or another legal entity on the basis of a loan agreement for the acquisition of residential premises under his Deposit and (or) secured other accommodations. However, buying a dwelling with a mortgage (loan), the borrower immediately becomes the owner of the property, and payment on the loan is produced for several years.
Do not forget that any loans, let mortgage implies a clear fulfillment of mutual obligations by the parties. Popolnenie leads to the onset of adverse effects.
 Individual information about the Bank

This information will be supplemented and will be taken from official and independent sources of financial analysts.

Information on revocation of the license Bank GPB-mortgage (bankruptcy) is not available.
If You are a customer of this Bank, and You have interesting information to share her with other project participants.

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